Songs For Alexis

Trans singer / songwriter Ryan Cassata writes songs about city life, love, family and of course, Alexis.
Country: Denmark Runtime: 78 mins Director(s): Elvira Lind
Cast: Ryan Cassata, Francine Cassata, Alexis Ann

FILM FESTIVALS: Raindance Film Festival 2014


‘Songs for Alexis’ is a beautiful documentary that showcases the struggles of life as a young trans male in America – some alien, others heart-breakingly relatable.

The documentary begins 2 months after Ryan had his double mastectomy to transform himself physically. He’s not interested in hormone therapy or sexual reassignment surgery (just in case it goes wrong), but more about whether he suits facial hair and if you can see the sticker underneath it.

Ryan and Alexis met at summer camp and fell for each other instantly. Following their meeting, ‘Songs for Alexis’ shows their relationship through the ups and the downs: threatening families, understanding families, Youtube videos, Skype calls, ‘healthy’ jealousy, arguments, and “I Love You”s.

This documentary not only captures the openness of American cityscapes, the thrill of travelling and visually striking montages, but also the magic that can be found through love and support. It showcases LGBT marches, and openly supports the acceptance of trans people into American society. Pulling on every heartstring possible, this touching coming-of-age story sparks a needed positivity towards the activism of young trans Americans and the unity that can spark love and acceptance.

Hannah Newman Smart