Black Smoke Rising

From writer/director Drew Cullingham, James Fisher gives a poignant and personal portrayal of a cynical but grieving bluesman & his journey to find peace.
Country: UK Runtime: 103 Director(s): Drew Cullingham
Cast: Chloe Farnworth, Frances Speedie, James Fisher, Jill Greenacre, Jonnie Hurn, Wil Johnson

FILM FESTIVALS: Raindance Film Festival 2012

Struggling to find anything positive to say at his domineering brother’s eulogy, Jonah, an embittered, cynical and grief stricken guitar player, reflects on the task set in the will of his newly deceased sibling: to travel across the country to find the perfect spot to scatter his ashes. What his brother didn’t tell him was that he would be coming along for the ride too – and not for pleasure. Shot in stark and stunning black and white around the UK “Black Smoke Rising” is an intimate and emotional drama portraying a one-man road trip. This is a portrayal of an internal journey to come to terms with loss, and the realisation that to find the positives in others you must first find them in yourself.


About the Director
An increasingly prolific writer/director/producer, Drew made his feature debut with Umbrage: The First Vampire (aka A Vampire’s Tale), an offbeat contemporary horror-western featuring Hellraiser’s Doug Bradley, released in the USA by Lionsgate. His second feature, Monk3ys (also available on Raindance Releasing), was more experimental, and scooped the best Micro-Budget film award at Raindance in 2011. Since then, while bigger budget projects are in development, Drew has continued making micro-budget films, shooting Black Smoke Rising (which had its world premiere at Raindance 2012) and then the even more experimental The Devil’s Bargain.