Cinema Six

Working at a movie theater is fun, and that's why Mason, Dennis, and Gabe have done it for years. But, those years of neglecting the world outside the theater are finally catching up to them. Now, they have to make a decision: start on the long, hard path to maturity or stay at the theater, where they can avoid customers, screw with customers, and eat as much popcorn as they desire.
Country: USA Runtime: 79 Director(s): Cole Selix, Mark Potts
Cast: Brand Rackley, John Merriman, Mark Potts

Mason, Dennis, and Gabe have worked at the Stanton Family Cinemas for longer than they want to remember, but long enough they don’t want to leave. Most of their time is spent messing with customers, watching fellow employees work out their relationship issues and basically just slacking off, but at a cost.

Mason has a wife and child at home that he neglects too much, Gabe is considering college, but is scared of failure, and Dennis just dropped out of college after his fiancé cheated on him. The three are working things out together at their second home, the theatre, until Mason’s wife reveals she’s pregnant for the second time and his volatile home life comes to a head. Should Mason swallow his pride and beg his father-in-law for a job? Can Gabe get past his pessimism and fear and leave the projection booth? And can Dennis finally start to deal with his issues? Maybe. But first, they have some customers to ignore.

FILM FESTIVALS: Raindance Film Festival 2012


If you’re looking for some comic relief, look no further than Cinema Six. This delightful film from Mark Potts and Cole Selix showcases independent American filmmaking at its best.

The film centres on three employees of Stanton Family Cinemas, all of whom have worked there for far longer than anyone should. Mason takes long shifts at the cinema, avoiding going home to his wife and newborn child. When his wife announces that she’s pregnant for a second time, Mason has to decide if he will finally swallow his pride and take a job with his obnoxious father in law. Meanwhile Gabe spends his days hiding in the projection booth, too afraid to venture out as far as the concessions stall and Dennis has just broken up with his fiancé, whom he caught cheating.

Though a comedy, the film deals with the theme of fear in a subtle and compelling way; Potts and Selix’s film has a surprising amount of depth hidden under the witty one liners from a strong cast. The chemistry between Merriman, Potts and Rackley is a joy to watch and they obviously had a lot of fun making the film; almost as much as you will watching it.