Crying With Laughter

Knockout performance from Stephen McCole (Rushmore) as an edgy stand-up who gets an unwelcome blast from the past just as his career is about to sky rocket. With his landlord, ex-wife and agent all breathing done his neck to sort himself out an old school friend re enters his life with brings with him all manner of dangerous consequences. Taut thriller from Edinburgh.
Country: UK Runtime: 90 Director(s): Justin Molotnikov
Cast: Andrew Neil, Malcolm Shields, Stephen McCole

FILM FESTIVALS: Winner Best Film BAFTA Scotland, Raindance Film Festival 2009, Edinburgh International Film Festival, SXSW Film Festival


Justin Molotnikov’s debut feature, a frenetic thriller based in Edinburgh, is about a cocaine snorting stand-up comic on the verge of his first big break, who tangles with an ex-classmate.

McCole plays Joey Frisk, a boozy, pill popping Edinburgh stand-up comedian with an angry ex-wife and six-year-old daughter. He despises his landlord, and Frisk’s life veers out of control, a situation not helped by the fact he rips apart any friends when he is onstage.

He bumps into old schoolfriend, Frank (Shields), who reminds Frisk that he ended up in borstal (a UK cross between prison and school) for a schoolboy prank. A series of blunders later, Frisk wakes up in bed in a threesome. His day goes from bad to worse when he gets kicked out of his flat. Homeless, with nowhere to turn, Frisk ends up at Frank’s expensive inherited house, where the game begins. Sociopath Frank blackmails and manipulates Frisk, holding Frisk’s daughter and wife in a powerful ending involving brutal and violent torture.

Made with an assurance that belies the film’s limited budget. The cast, director and crew will have a terrific calling card, with McCole in particular certain to draw rave reviews for his stunning performance as Frisk – the comic coming unstuck in an extremely well written part.

Elliot Grove