Forget Paris

A romantic new year's getaway to Paris descends into a nightmare when the couple's relationship implodes prior to their departure.
Country: UK Runtime: 77 Director(s): Christopher Presswell
Cast: Ed Coleman, Mai Cunningham

FILM FESTIVALS: Raindance Film Festival 2011


Forget Paris is a cynical romantic comedy centred around Dan and Katie, a young, recently separated couple who – due to an expensive booking and a badly-timed break up – are forced to spend a week with each other in Paris. Although Dan compares Paris to marriage (i.e. ‘where love goes to die’), it seems as if the pair are hitting it off again in the City of Love. Awkward encounters give way to nights of passion in the romantic city, but is it built to last?

From the beginning, you can tell there’s an underlying tension between the two characters. Uncomfortable conversations and looks seem to hide beneath them a longing for contact, both physical and emotional. Despite this, Dan and Katie seem completely at odds with each other as people: Dan displays a vicious cynical streak but is more sentimental than pragmatic Katie. The differences between them highlight a core point to the film: idealism versus reality. ‘Romantic’ Paris seems like a joke to Dan, as he sees all the dirt and heartbreak in the city. Yet the film is filled with beautiful shots of famous – and not – landmarks, and the miniature Statue of Liberty that stands in the Seine serves as a symbol of new beginnings for Dan and Katie.

Orestes Kouzof