Looking Is The Original Sin

Helene, a photographer, runs away from home. Her daughter must put together the pieces of the puzzle and find her mother.
Country: Canada Runtime: 83 mins Director(s): Gail Harvey
Cast: Maria Del Mar, Katie Boland, Kent Staines

FILM FESTIVALS: Raindance Film Festival 2014


Diane Arbus was a photographer noted for taking pictures of the marginalised in society: transsexuals, circus performers and dwarves are some of her famous subjects. She tragically committed suicide in 1971 at the age of 48. ‘Looking Is The Original Sin’ takes inspiration from Arbus’s short life to tell the story of a daughter’s quest to find her mother.

Anna is a 19-year-old photography student living with her mother Helene, a charismatic photographer who suffers from bouts of depression-driven inspiration. Following one such depression, Helene runs away from home – and it’s up to Anna to try and find her mum. Her journey will lead her to self-discovery, but also to dark truths about Helene.

‘Looking Is The Original Sin’ is a moving portrait of a daughter discovering the flaws of her adult mother as she moves into adulthood herself. Up-and-coming actress Katie Boland gives an excellent performance as Anna opposite Maria del Mar’s obsessive, neglectful Helene. Expect to be fully invested in the brilliantly colourful characters – and ready with the tissues – as the film builds to its heart-wrenching conclusion.