My Big Break

Filmed over ten years, this gritty, unflinching documentary captures celebrity in the making and the destructive effects of fame on five roommates living in Hollywood.
Country: USA Runtime: 101 mins Director(s): Tony Zierra
Cast: Wes Bentley, Chad Lindberg, Brad Rowe

FILM FESTIVALS: Raindance Film Festival 2009


Breaking into the film industry is notoriously difficult no matter what your chosen vocation, and if you’re an aspiring actor the odds of making it are even tougher. When documentary filmmaker Tony Zierra began following a group of college friends who lived together under the same roof, tracking their hopes of making it as Hollywood actors, he could never have predicted the story that eventually unfolded. The roommates were Brad Rowe, Chad Lindberg, Wes Bentley and Greg Fawcett. As the cameras begin rolling, the careers of Rowe, Lindberg and Bentley rise at an astronomical rate, as they gain the attention of the film media and acting jobs become more and more frequent, while Fawcett is the one left behind, struggling to get auditions while his friends rapidly become superstars.

My Big Break is a fascinating film examining the psyche of those on the brink of success. Made over a ten-year period, and previously blocked from release, it offers an insight into the realities facing struggling actors and the unpredictable nature of Hollywood. Bentley’s story is particularly interesting as he became the most successful of all with American Beauty, yet is the most affected by his own fame, while Fawcett’s decent to near-insanity is truly gripping. Acting as both a document of success and a cautionary tale, My Big Break is a must-see for anyone who hopes to make it in the film industry, and is set to become one of the hits of this year’s festival.