My Destiny (aka Dimmi che destino avrò)

Alina returns to her native village in Sardinia and establishes a friendly relationship with the local police chief. As he investigates the disappearance of a local child, Aline finds herself reconsidering her past life.
Country: Italy Runtime: 80 mins Director(s): Peter Marcias
Cast: Salvatore Cantalupo, Luli Bitri

FILM FESTIVALS: Raindance Film Festival 2013, Torino Film Festival, Busto Arsizio Film Festival Best Actress Award and Best Original Soundtrack Award, Tirana Film Festival, Como Italian Film Festival Schools of Cinema Award


When commissioner Giampaulo (wonderfully played by Salvatore Cantalupo) is given the case of investigating a kidnapping at a gypsy camp he is at first reluctant. It’s not long before he meets the proud Alina (Luli Bitri), sister of the accused, who has come back from Paris to speak on behalf of her family. On Aline’s turf and surrounded by her family in a surprisingly homely room the reluctant Giampaulo finds himself quickly out of his depth.

As the film proceeds it becomes less about the case at hand and more a journey of discovery for Giampaulo, as he begins to sympathise with the gypsies, even coaching a few children to play football. He and Alina are awkwardly drawn closer together despite the cultural divide between them. When the government starts shaking down the gypsy camps the camera work suddenly becoming oppressive, he realises that he has to choose between his duty and his morality.

Director Peter Marcias handles all this with subtle slow, tender visual storytelling accompanied by a beautiful elegiac guitar score by Eric Neveux. The story is never heavy handed with its social message, focusing on the people first and foremost, resulting in a profoundly moving film with a surprisingly poignant ending.

Dean Bowman

AVAILABLE IN: United Kingdom and Eire only