Planeat: How To Feed A Planet

How does food affect us and the planet? Scientists, chefs and farmers discover how eating can help tackle cancer, heart disease, and even climate change.
Country: UK Runtime: 70 Director(s): Or Shlomi
Cast: Dr. T. Colin Campbell, Dr. Gidon Eshel, Professor Peter Singer

FILM FESTIVALS: Raindance Film Festival 2009


Recent scientific investigations have increasingly suggested that simple changes in diet could turn off major diseases and, most shockingly cancer. In an age of documentaries that challenge social mores, Planeat is a compelling investigation.

British filmmakers Shelley Davies and Or Shlomi conduct their research based on an emerging pattern in dietary related illnesses, one which suggests that dairy products may be a cause of prevalent diseases or illnesses. Through a gastronomic enquiry, and through interviewing figures within the scientific, academic, farming and catering industries, one corroboration seems evident, all agreeing that dietary practises and beliefs are generally flawed.

One scientist demonstrates how increasing and decreasing the animal protein content in lab rats could turn on and off cancers. Then there’s the ‘detox’ clinics on the US East Coast who only offer raw fruit and vegetable regimes and whose customers all share one thing in common: the inexplicable cure of a string of potentially life threatening diseases.

Planeat not only touches a number of baffling and original questions, but it also reflects on an increasing tendency throughout the world, specifically the backlash amongst conservative agricultural economies of America, whose food productions impact may be more devastating than just on the human body, but on a global and more perilous scale.

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