What if your best friend asks you to hold a bag for one night without knowing what is inside?
Country: USA Runtime: 91 mins Director(s): Ruben Mazzoleni
Cast: Michael Jefferson, Aaron Barcelo, Frances E. Koepenick, Rachel Brookner

FILM FESTIVALS: Sottodiciotto Film Festival

Nick and Joe are two young men united by the bond of friendship, who aspire to survive together the streets of New York. But when Joe sees an opportunity to start a new life away from the big metropolis, he puts Nick’s life in danger leading to an uncertain predicament in which they will have to stick together, more than ever, to overcome their dreadful destiny.

“This modest crime drama is infused with the joy and expectation that only comes from young filmmakers instinctively awed by their urban surroundings. ” VILLAGE VOICE

AVAILABLE IN: United Kingdom and Eire only