Sleeping Dogs

Eve turns to her fiance's old friends for help making ends meet whilst she cares for him in a coma. But digging up Tommy's past might not be the best thing, for him or Eve.
Country: UK Runtime: 87 Director(s): Floris Ramaekers
Cast: Liberty Mills, Jon Campling. David L Rooney

FESTIVALS: Raindance Film Festival 2013, Nominated Raindance Award at the British Independent Film Awards 2013

“Sleeping Dogs sets the bar very highly for this year’s Raindance, and indeed micro-budget indie films in general. Overall a gritty, harrowing thriller that’s not to be missed, with a very promising cast and director.” CRITICS ASSOCIATED

Having been attacked in suspicious circumstances, Eve’s fiancee remains in vegetative state. With head full of questions that will probably never be answered, Eve lives now from day to day looking after her man. At last a ray of light appears – an innovative and expensive Swiss treatment may help Tommy get out of his cage. In desperation Eve turns to his old friends for financial help. But there is no quick whip-round, no support, no friendly gestures. Instead Eve slowly uncovers a pack of distressing information about her beloved. But out of lover for her fiancée, Eve refuses to let sleeping dogs lie.

The director Floris Ramaekers demonstrates an impressive command of tension in this film. From the opening credits – fearful and elegant – he lures the viewer’s attention by giving a little information and leaving them craving more. Well developed characters and a distinctive depiction of London – shaded, aloof, unpleasant – will remain with you after the credits roll. Sleeping Dogs is a gripping psychological crime film – full-blooded despite its limited budget.

Patrycja Rojek


“The unrelentingly grim story remains deeply engaging and watchable, its visual style and quality of performances making it easy to forget the micro-budget. It is also testament to the talents of the director, actors, and crew to create such quality work under such limitations. Its aura of unsettling quietude and lonely malaise, along with its terrible denouement, make Sleeping Dogs an outstanding British independent film, with a thorough aversion to cliché.” THE BETAMAX REVOLT

“Liberty Mills is a star-in-the-making, and she gives an incredible performance as Eve. She is the emotional core of this movie, and she commands your attention when she is onscreen.” Rogue Cinema