Small Time Obsession

Small Time Obsession is a story of love and betrayal set amongst South London's Polish community.
Country: UK Runtime: 114 mins Director(s): Piotr Szkopiak
Cast: Alex King, Juliette Caton, Jason Merrells

FILM FESTIVALS: Raindance Film Festival 1999

Michael has his heart set on training and racing greyhounds at his local stadium but is under pressure from his father to take charge of the family delicatessen. Steve is an orphan with a passion for classic cars and John is a talented musician struggling to come to terms with his depressed mum.

Both out of loyalty as friends and the need to earn the money to keep their dreams alive, all three do for for amiable wide-boy, Chris, who seems to be heading inevitably toward a life of crime. This is further underlined when Chris forms a relationship with small-time villain, Geordie, who is, in turn, trying to manoeuvre himself into the established underworld.

Unsettled by Chris’ increasingly criminal ambitions and denial of his responsibilities, Michael is incensed and decides to make a stand.