Superstonic Sound: The Rebel Dread

One man, One city, One love ... One sound: How Jamaican BASS Conquered Britain - The Don Letts Story.
Country: UK, Brazil Runtime: 48 mins Director(s): Raphael Erichsen
Cast: Don Letts, Jet Letts

FILM FESTIVALS: Raindance Film Festival 2010


Tracing 3 generations of the Letts family Superstonic Sound is an extraordinary documentary by and about Don Letts and the influence of bass music on the British scene. Don is a seemingly unsung hero, despite the fact he has seemingly been everywhere and knows everyone – from working with The Clash to guiding Bob Marley around London, to the Notting Hill riots.

Don’s father emigrated from Jamaica and was one of the first waves of West Indian immigrants to arrive in London. Don was born and grew up in Brixton, raised on the dub, reggae and bass records of his father’s generation. Amidst of the counter-culture revolution of the seventies Don was given a gig as a DJ at the notorious Roxy club. It would change the music scene forever. Mixing hardcore punk with dub reggae Don found away to connect two seemingly disparate spots on the counter-culture map connecting the disaffected white youth and the repressed black culture.

Now his son, Jet, is a producer and DJ himself and Don is finding a chance to reconnect with him and follow the new wave of music dubstep as it sweeps the UK scene. Superstonic sound is a film about the cultural and musical interaction and innovations that the Jamaican sound has been a part of over the past thirty years, as well as a portrait of a family and a man at the heart of it.