Titus is a modern-day story of a displaced African American jazz musician trying to come to terms with his troubled past.
Country: UK Runtime: 96 mins Director(s): Charlie Cattrall
Cast: Ron Cephas Jones, Ann Mitchell, Jasmine Cephas Jones

FILM FESTIVALS: Raindance Film Festival 2013


Self doubt is a potent mistress, one that can render even the most gifted immobile. Such is the case with Titus, Charlie Cattrall’s drama about an African-American jazz legend (the Titus of the title) living out his later years in London with friend and patron, Marina.

Into his life comes the unexpected: Jessica, the daughter who has only just learned of his identity. Having lost her mother she wants to get to know her father, but the crippling self-doubt that has robbed him of his music also causes him to try and push away his daughter. Determined not to lose both parents, Jessica fights for her father’s love and affection, revealing her own aspirations to him as well as the self doubt they both share. Titus begins to push himself, returning to his music and starting to bond with Jessica as they share the stage in a standout musical performance. It isn’t long however, before revelations of the past begin to haunt their bond and push them apart, leading to a gut-wrenching finale.

Beautifully realised in black and white, with touching performances from all, Titus is an emotionally riveting film worthy of your time and adoration.

Mark Rogers

AVAILABLE IN: United Kingdom and Eire only