We Don’t Wanna Make You Dance

A chronicle of the never-quite-made-it rock band Miller, Miller, Miller & Sloan.
Country: USA Runtime: 95 mins Director(s): Lucy Kostelanetz
Cast: Miller Miller Miller & Sloan

FILM FESTIVALS: Raindance Film Festival 2014


Unless you were pretty hip to the unsigned acts in the New York music scene in the eighties, it’s a fairly safe bet that you’ve never heard of Miller, Miller, Miller and Sloan, band made up of four white boys who decided to play that funky music. Their catchy tunes and endearing stage presence earned them a small but loyal following and when we first meet them in 1983, the boys are talented, funny and utterly sure that one day their hard work will lead to success.

When we next meet them, 5 years later, not only has their music evolved but the guys have applied their skills and innovation into creating new ways of making sound. In 1988, they seemed to be on the cusp of being pioneers in electronic music. But sadly commercial musical success still eluded them and, in 1993, Miller, Miller, Miller and Sloan were no more.

We meet them one final time in 2007 and learn what they all did after their band days. Many films profess to be about growing up, few actually show it happening. Many films ask you to spend time with a band, few let you enjoy their company. ‘We Don’t Wanna Make You Dance’ does both.